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All our pasta is bronze drawn. This process makes it porous and rough on the surface, so it captures sauces and condiments better and prolongs the flavor.



Our story begins with Don Paolino, who decides to leave the farm work to devote himself to what he knows best: wheat.
And turn it into something magical and wonderfully perfumed: this is how he inaugurated his bakery in
Bread with sourdough is his specialty.

Don Paolino's activity grows together with his family: he adds the biscuits production to the bakery lab.
Then it's along with the birth of his son that Don Paolino has the intuition and begins to make 


In Palazzolo Acreide, Loretana's hometown, there was still no pasta factory. So the company chose the Hyblean town as a destination and inaugurated the first artisan pasta workshop.

Thirty years later and in a new city, Don Paolino's teachings are still the basis of production. The pasta factory in Palazzolo becomes a point of reference for quality and craftsmanship, and fresh pasta is also accompanied by dried pasta and frozen pasta.


It is the year of change and expansion: the company moves to a new production site. Bigger, to satisfy market demands, but with the same mission that accompanies us from the beginning: spreading the values of quality and excellence.

Our company philosophy is the same as always: quality and craftsmanship are the basis of our knowledge.
The ingredients present in our homemade pasta are all strictly certified organic, local and sustainably produced.

                      PASTIFICIO ARTIGIANALE Viale Dante Alighieri, 1 - 96010 Palazzolo Acreide (SR) Italy  P.IVA 00984420893 TELEFONO 0931.883.490   2018© copyright            



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